Craig Stevens

Managing Director

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Craig Stevens is Gas-It Pipe Contracting’s Managing Director and is committed to providing a safe and quality based service for all his customers. He has a passion for his business and whether it’s torrential rain, forty degrees in the shade, or somewhere in between Craig will persevere to ‘get the job done’. He is also very conscious of ensuring the customer and his employees remain the highest priorities within the business and will endeavour to keep Gas-Its excellent reputation intact at all times.


Craig has worked in all departments since 1993 and is more than qualified to make decisions to enhance the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of all operating divisions of the business. He displays a tremendous amount of flexibility to ensure customer satisfaction remains as a top priority for the company. 

Dane Carroll

Works Manager

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Dane Carroll, who commenced as an operator in 2001 is Gas-Its dedicated Works Manager, provides the knowledge, experience and expertise to drive all areas of the business. He has an excellent understanding of all aspects of the business and his ability to liaise and communicate with customers and provide a quality service makes him a valuable asset to Gas-It.

In much the same mould as Craig, Dane has an enduring ability to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility to meet customer needs.

Tim Reynolds

HR & HSEQ Manager

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Tim Reynolds is Gas-Its HR & HSEQ Manager and has arguably the most difficult role in ensuring Craig and Dane keep their enthusiasm in check while focussing on Gas-Its Safety and Quality Management Systems and processes.

Tim brings onboard a wealth of knowledge based upon twenty years of experience in the mining and resources industries with considerable experience in the areas of health & safety, environmental and training matters. With Gas-It gaining certification in 2016 to AS/NZ and ISO Standards for Safety and Quality Management Systems Tim has helped develop and guide the business through the processes and systems associated with these standards.

David Phillips

Locating Supervisor

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

David Phillips, or ‘Troppo’ as is he is better known, is Gas-Its Locating Supervisor with 25 years’ experience (15 with Gas-It). Troppo is a rare breed and one of a handful that holds the DBYD Locator Accreditation and Telstra Accredited Plant Locator certifications. He is Gas-Its go-to man for the location of all underground services including; HP Gas, Telstra, Power (high and low voltage), water and sewer networks.

Troppo is a dedicated and passionate employee who travels throughout the Bunbury and Greater South West region locating underground services for Gas-Its many customers and takes enormous pride to ensure this aspect of his role is done correctly the first time.

Troppo is as passionate about fishing as he is when conducting locating works for Gas-It, so much that he can often be heard discussing how he would like utilise his locating equipment as fish finders.

Matthew Thomas

Gas Works Supervisor 

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Matt Thomas has 15 years experience in the gas pipeline construction and installation industry.

Matt is the company’s Gas Supervisor where most of their work is performed under contract to ATCO Gas and UrbanGrid Australia in new housing sub-divisions throughout the south west. A 24 hour call out roster for gas emergencies is also managed through Matt's department.

Matt is also a High Pressure (HP) Gas Locator and has a wealth of experience in gas installations throughout the South West

Peter Kearney

Traffics Works Co-ordinator

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Peter Kearney provides the backbone and coordination of all of Gas-Its Traffic Management operations.

Based upon four years on-the-job as a Traffic Controller, Peter has been able to apply his experience and knowledge to his full-time role as Traffic Management Coordinator.

Whether it be a simple side-road traffic restriction to a complex arrangement affecting multiple traffic lane closures or an emergency callout, Peter has the awareness and understanding to implement and coordinate traffic management plans to ensure the safety of work groups, road users and members of the public are not compromised.

Peter is responsible for the supervision and coordination of multiple traffic management teams coupled with a  fleet of purpose built vehicles. Whilst the role is demanding his diplomacy and coordination skills enable him to perform the role  with a high degree of proficiency.

Leon Taylor

Traffic Planner

Phone: (08) 9726 0166

              (08) 9726 0165

Prior to becoming Gas-Its full time traffic planner, Leon spent four years in the sun and rain as a Traffic Controller which has enabled him to gain a greater insight and understanding of traffic management planning. This background provides a superior and professional approach for Gas-It clients.


As a certified planner with Advanced Traffic Management accreditation Leon provides Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Diagrams for all of Gas-Its traffic management activities. All plans and diagrams are compliant with Australian Standards, Code of Practice and presented for approval to the relevant authorising organisation.

It would be extremely rare for one of Leon's documents not to be approved due to the meticulous care and diligence he applies to his trade. It would be fair to say he is extremely passionate and displays enormous pride in his approach to traffic management planning.

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