Locating Services

Prior to any ground excavation taking place, location of underground services is critical for the ongoing safety of machine operators and employees, not to mention the costs associated with the repair of gas pipelines, water and sewer pipes, power cables, telstra cables (including optic fibre) – all at the contractor’s or operator’s expense.

Gas-It are a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) Certified Locator accredited company and an authorised Telstra Approved Plant Locator organisation with over twenty years locating underground services.

With the use of technology – Ground Penetrating Radar & Multi-frequency Receivers, Gas-It Locating personnel are prepared to travel throughout the South West and Western Australia to provide a critical and professional service for the protection of public infrastructure while delivering a systematic method to identify and locate underground assets.

Gas-It continues to provide valuable asset locating support to Western Australia's power pole replacement program.