Gas-It Pipe Contracting is committed to conducting all business activities in a responsible manner, to assure the health, safety and security of people, preservation of the environment, quality of our services and compliance with applicable health, safety, environmental, security, legal, quality, regulatory and customer requirements.

To achieve this business ethic and culture, we utilise Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality processes that are designed to:-

  • Promote Leadership commitment and improve HSEQ culture.

  • Identify, analyse and effectively manage risks arising from our activities.

  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities to manage risk.

  • Provide a framework that meets or exceeds our customer requirements, application legislation, or required codes and standards.

  • Provide systems of work, training and appropriate tools and equipment to prevent injuries and adverse impacts to the environment.

  • Continually monitor and improve our systems, culture and performance.

  • Provide methods for communication and consultation with employees and customers on HSEQ matters.

Gas-It Pipe Contracting is committed to ensuring everything we do can be done reliably and without harm to our people or the environment.