Horizontal Directional Drilling

Gas-It has been providing HDD services in the Bunbury, Greater Bunbury and South West region in excess of twenty years and takes pride in its ability to provide a quality and effective service for its customers. Gas-Its HDD drillers are qualified to national standards with qualifications in Certificate III in Trenchless Technology – a contractual requirement by many of Gas-Its customers.


Gas-It Pipe Contracting has a wide range of HDD equipment to carry out the installation of a broad scope of pipe sizes, ranging from 20mm to 400mm OD (outside diameter) for all applications including highway crossings, roadways, carports and simple driveways, all within capacity.


Gas-It utilises equipment comprising of technology to ensure operators determine exactly where the drill head is going, at what depth and its exit point, bringing peace of mind to customers and operators alike.

Gas-It owns and operates the following drilling equipment.


Ditch Witch JT922, a sturdy, compact drilling unit capable of 9,000 pounds (4.018t) of pullback force which combines simplicity and ease of operation of smaller horizontal directional drills. It has the capacity to perform with the advanced features of larger drilling machines within a very small footprint, ensuring greater manoeuvrability and operation in tighter confines. It is designed for service works in built up areas and specifically advantageous in established residential situations. This in turn minimizes negative impacts on the environment and operation in residential areas.


Ditch Witch JT2020 offers 20,000 pounds (8.93t) of pullback force, has a slightly larger operating footprint and allows greater productivity on residential and urban job sites. It has a high power to size ratio enabling the unit to complete bigger jobs in tight areas. It is ideal for a wide range of installations, enables more services per day to be installed and is the most efficient and productive drill in its horsepower class (Ditch Witch Australia).


Supporting these units are fit for purpose mud trucks which control the mud to water ratio to stabilize trench perimeters and preserve the integrity of the bore hole.

Gas-It also has several vacuum units for clean-up and removal of mud as required.